Delicatessen Hamper
Delicatessen Hamper

Delicatessen Hamper

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Our colourful hampers are full of delicious treats to celebrate New Year in style!

Savory taste of Russia and the ‘greatest hits’ from Gastrohome store – a selection of our home-made products accompanied by some of our favourite grocery items.

Make your treat unique by adding surgeon caviar to your hamper.

1. Homemade Lightly salted cucumbers 1 l.
2. Homemade Lightly Salted Tomatoes 0.5 l.
3 Homemade Sauerkraut 1 l.
4 Zigmas Herring 400 g.
5 Red Salmon Roe 140 g.
6. Russian Rye Bread 600 g.
7. Cod liver 140 g.
8 Borjomi mineral water 500 ml.
9. Option - Add Russian Sturgeon Caviar 50 or 125 g.

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